Estación de soldadura profesional semiautomática ideada para la reparación de todo tipo de placas con componentes SMD y BGA y reballing con Alineación Óptica HD ZOOM 22X, 0.01mm

1.  HD optical alignment system design?optical zoom up to 22 times;
2.  Alignment fine-tuning accuracy can be 0.01mm;
3.  PLC user interface control, display 4 temperature profile at the same time;
4.  Upper heater with hot air to heat, bottom with hot air and IR to preheat;
5. Three independent heater with 9 segment temperature up(down)+9 segment constant control, can store 40 groups temperature profile;
6. Three heating zone with independent PID to control heating process, more stable and accurate;
7. After removal and welding, with cooling fan to cool PCB board, ensure welding effect;
8. Bottom heater and IR preheating zone with supporter to prevent welding zone part deformation;
9. Equipped with various size of hot air nozzle?
10. Upper and bottom heater can 360 degree rotation, easy to replace;
11. Build-in vacuum pump, no need gas source.



PCB Size ?L500×W360mm
PCB Thickness 0.1~5mm
Temperature Control K Sensor   Closed loop
Fine-tuning accuracy 0.01mm
PCB Positioning Outer
Sub (Bottom) heater Infrared   2200W
Main (Top) heater Hot air   800W+800W
Power Supply Single phase  220V,50/60Hz,4.2KVA
Machine dimension L570×W840×H930mm
Weight of machine Approx. 82kgs


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