1.Touch screen interface, PLC control;
2.Three heater all use PLC PID control, temperature accuracy of top and bottom heater is ±1?;
3.Top and bottom heater with quality heating material, it can adjust air blow and temperature accuracy  to generate high temperature breeze. Third zone with IR heater to prevent PCB board deformation and ensure welding effect;
4.Top, bottom and IR heater all with 9 segment temperature up?down? and constant temperature control, it can save 99 groups temperature parameter;
5.Top, bottom and IR heater all have over-temperature protect function;
6. Powerful cross flow fan to cool PCB board after remove and welding component.
7. Top heater can adjust front and back, up and down and 360 degree rotary, convenient to operate.
8. Bottom heater can adjust up and down according to different PCB appearance and component height to prevent collision;
9. Different size of nozzle or customized according to customers’ requirement. Nozzle can 360 degree rotary, easy to change;
10. PCB clamping with drawer design to prevent collision with component;
11. PCB pallet high temperature resistance;
12. It have alarm function after finish heating, cool and vacuum have auto and manual mode;
13. Hand vacuum pen to pick BGA, user-friendly;
14. External sensor, it can extend;
15. With HD camera to monitor melting process of solder ball.


PCB Size ?L490×W450mm
PCB Thickness 0.1~5mm
Temperature Control K thermocouple  PID Closed loop
PCB Positioning mode Outer
Bottom preheat Infrared  2400W
Main (Top+bottom) heater Hot air  800W+800W
Power supply Single phase  220V,50/60Hz,4.2KVA
Dimension L640×W710×H580mm
Weight Approx. 50kgs


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